Hermanas Unidas de SCU


To reach out to the Chicana/Latina community and provide resources as well as a family networking system through the avenues provided by the three pillars of Hermanas Unidas:               
·         Academic - Through the emphasis of academics not only do we empower our minds but our future as well.   ·         Community Service - In the struggle to empower ourselves we must  remember our communities and empower them as well. ·         Networking - In stressing Hermandad, a family network is created to foster  an environment of mutual respect and unity, while supporting individual interests and talents.      To provide a place where women can come together and be themselves. We accept any and all ideologies. We are a sisterhood attempting to provide a healthy transition to and from the university. To raise awareness and educate the campus and the community at large about Chicana/Latina issues.