Hermanas Unidas de SCU

Hermanas Unidas Facts


  This is the story of a young woman, her face in profile, depicted by the leaf and stem of the logo. This woman is on the path to enlightenment, through the pursuit of education, symbolized through the winding stem, which also represents the winding, challenging, yet rewarding road towards personal growth. Her path leads to el Quinto Sol, this is the fruit of her sacrifice, the sum of her experiences, the rewards of the relationships that she has built. This is the story of the Hermana that blossoms into a woman of truth, a better woman for having traveled that road. El Quinto Sol remains the focal point of our logo so that we may never forget where we came from and that we may keep clear where we are going together in hermandad.


"Poder de la Mujer" is what all Hermanas strive to embody, both as individual women and as an organization. The motto symbolizes the strength and will of each and every Hermana in their quest for higher education, the empowerment of their families and communities, as well as equality in education, the workplace and the rest of society.


The official colors of Hermanas Unidas are Blue and Silver and are depicted in everything from the HaU banner to paraphernalia such as sweaters and tee-shirts. The founding mothers chose blue because it is one half of UC Berkeley's school colors. And they chose silver because Amelia Solorzano, one of HaU's founding mother's, really liked the color and the rest of the girls were inspired by her silver go go boots.