Hermanas Unidas de SCU
MEMBERSHIPHermanas Unidas has an open door policy which means that anybody is welcome to join the organization without having active membership. We encourage everyone to participate in events and share many memories.
Welcome to Hermanas Unidas de SCU!

Active membership

Attend at least 3 meetings per month.
Be part of a committee.
Complete 10 study hours &
8 community service hours. 

Pay Dues: $7  per quarter.

There are due dates for these fees so contact the Treasurer.

Meetings are held every Monday at 7 pm. Location TBD. Make sure you sign in at every meeting or contact our secretary if you are unable to sign.

Study Hours
Study hours are held Sunday through Thursday at designated locations and times by our academic chair.
You must sign in and out in order to get credit for your hour.